I am pleased to announce that with the help of my many supporters, I will be on the ballot in November, running against Judge Doretta Walker.

As the campaign further unfolds, I am looking forward to meeting many more of the my neighbors in the Durham community. 

The Indy News endorsement captured well the choice between myself and my opponent: 

For the bulk of his career Henry Pruette has worked across the entire District Court spectrum, and for a time he ran Durham's child support court. After his wife received a business opportunity, he moved to California and began writing screenplays. When he returned to Durham he was disturbed by what he perceived as a chaotic situation in the Durham courts, which partially motivated him to seek a judgeship. We appreciate Pruette's broad background; on top of his screenplay work, he holds a master's degree in education and taught elementary school in Durham for several years. He recognizes that Durham's jail is clogged with mentally ill defendants, and he is an advocate for alternative sentencing. He is well liked by his peers. We endorse him.

Doretta Walker, the incumbent, is a former assistant district attorney and lifelong Durhamite. She is breezy, irreverent and sometimes witty. But some of her peers question her work ethic, and worry that her casual attitude from the bench sets a poor example. She is also known to patronize defendants, and she has been chastised by the N.C. Court of Appeals for referring to a 21-year-old defendant as "baby." (In that case the appellate court disagreed with Walker's determination that a father earning $430 a month off an SSI check was financially capable of paying child support.)...

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014 10:20 PM

Friends of Durham

The Friends of Durham endorsed Henry Pruette over his opponent Judge Doretta Walker

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